Up-Dux® Extended Height Top-R™ Automatic Ceiling Vent  
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To feel the full effect of evaporative cooling, the cooled air needs to pass through and out of the house. The Up-Dux Ceiling Vent exhausts this evaporative air through the attic. As a result, attic temperatures are lowered instead of cool air passing through open windows or doors. The pre-assembled Model DL-101-T is ideal for homes using up to R38 ceiling insulation. For optimum results, install one Up-Dux Ceiling Vent in every major room to be cooled. Made in USA. For use with any roof or window-mounted evaporative cooler Each Up-Dux vent is rated at 900 CFM of free air flow Galvanized steel body installs above the ceiling, all you see in the room below is the attractive white, polystyrene grille Kit includes all necessary hardware and detailed instructions for easy installation Includes a slide-in winterizing panel to prevent heat loss
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Up-Dux® Extended Height Top-R™ Automatic Ceiling Vent  

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