Digital Cooler Controller™ 115V  
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Dial 7619 - 115V Digital Evaporative Swamp Cooler Thermostat Controller Also Known as the Dial 7617. The Dial 7619 digital thermostat controls a standard 115vac, 60Hz, residential evaporative cooler with blower motors from 1/3 HP up to 1 HP. Manual slide switches allow for 5 different cooler settings: Off, Fan Only - High Speed (High Vent), Fan Only - Low Speed (Low Vent), Fan / Pump - High Speed (High Cool) or Fan / Pump - Low Speed (Low Cool). A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) constantly displays the room temperature. Once a Set Point Temperature (SPT) is defined, the controller will operate the cooler until it reaches a temperature that is 3 degrees below the SPT. The default SPT is 77 degrees F (for example, during initial set up, and in the event of power failure). Product Features Overview: Electrical Ratings: 115vac, 60Hz, Up To 1 HP Blower Motor @ 13 Amp, 2 speed 1 Amp Pump Room temperature constantly displayed Temperature adjustment always accessible High impact ABS case Case door covers operating control slide switches Dual slide switches for cooler operations: OFF, LOW VENT (Fan Only & Low), HIGH VENT (Fan Only & High), LOW COOL (Fan / Pump & Low), HIGH COOL (Fan / Pump & High) Power/Pump "ON" green LED indicator light "4-Minute Pre-Start Mode": Includes 4-minute pad pre-wet (pump "on") or 4-minute system delay (pump "off") Green LED "on" when controller is "on" Green LED blinks during "4-Minute Pre-Start Mode" Installs in standard single gang electrical junction box Two gang wall plate adapter available separately (Part # 7616) Loss of power default temperature setting of 77 Degrees F Reset Button Warranty: Cooler Controller is warranted under normal use for 90 days from date of sale to user

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Digital Cooler Controller™ 115V Dial P/N 7619

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